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Connecting financial partners of tomorrow.

We connect you with suitable financial institutions

Your benefits with Arbitrade

Access to an exclusive partner network

Thanks to our longstanding and exclusive partnerships in Switzerland and abroad we will find a suitable financial partner for your investment.

Expertise specialized in Capital and Money market

Because of our 50 years of experience in the field we know the Money market inside-out. Our focus and market know-how allow us to act proactively in order to obtain the best prices for you.

An independent agile partner

As an autonomous broker we are committed to a fair and transparent collaboration as well as are able to provide fast and highly convenient services.

A long-lasting personal collaboration

Our foundation are longlasting personal relationships that we cultivate with a great deal of personal committment, mutual trust and appreciation.

Our network

We offer you access to strong financial partners across Europe

Thanks to our longstanding personal relationships across the Swiss borders, you profit from our close contacts to exclusive financial partners all over Europe.

To continuously provide you with new and interesting counter parties, we are working hard to build new partnerships as well as strengthen and expand our current financial network.

Our promise to you

Personal relationships are at the heart of our business and therefore our most important asset. We are committed to building longlasting partnerships that we cultivate with mutual appreciation, discretion and trust. A total of 50 years of experience in the Capital market allow us to proactively contribute and put our expertise to work in order to find the best price for you each day, every day. As an independent broker we profit from the freedom to be agile, innovative and help raise your business the next level with our expanding partner network across Europe.

Arbitrade – Connecting financial partners of tomorrow.


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